Your business can enjoy high performance business Internet access at a flat monthly rate with DirectNet. This gives you a superior Internet service and is ideal for large customers. As a customer, you receive dedicated access to both international and domestic Internet with no limit on the total volume of traffic.

DirectNet also allows you to take the weight off your LAN circuits, by overlaying DirectNet on your Vector Comms WAN or IP Hub.


Get Internet connectivity delivered over a regular VectorFibre MetroEthernet or Ethernet Reach interface with plug and play simplicity.

Access any amount of data with any mix of international and domestic traffic and options for additional bandwidth during off-peak times.

Cost Effective
Low, flat-rate monthly fee that makes budgeting easy.

Enjoy a fully managed service offering availability of 99.7% - or higher if required.

Choose the bandwidth that suits you, anything from 10 Mbit/s to 1000 Mbit/s. (Higher bandwidth is available on request.)