Business Issues

If you know what your business issue is but you’re not sure which Vector Fibre's solution is the best fit, this list is a good place to start.

If it doesn’t look like your data networking or business Internet problem is covered here, contact us. Maybe the solution is something we just haven’t built yet!

Your Business Issue Our Service Options
Connect my offices IP Hub, MetroEthernet, Ethernet Reach
Connect my customer to my datacentre MetroEthernet, Ethernet Reach, IP Hub, EoSDH
Connect to my cloud applications MetroEthernet, Ethernet Reach, Business Internet, Cloud Link
Build my network Managed Wavelength, FibreConnect, SDH, MetroEthernet, IP Hub, EoSDH
Connect to the Internet DirectNet, Business Internet Packages
Connect my remote site Wireless Plus, Ethernet Reach, IP Hub
Host my equipment Telehousing
IT staff refuse to work another late one Pizza Hut:  0800 83 83 83
None of the above Call us.  We love tricky problems!