Cloud Link


Cloud Link is built on our carrier-grade, secure and reliable fibre network. 

  • Connect to your Public Cloud environment such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Asure or other prominent public cloud providers.
  • Connect your premises to a Private Cloud environment such as an On-premise or Off-site data centre. Connect seamlessly between your Private Public and Multi-Cloud environments.
  • Connect to your cloud environments in a Point-to-Point or Any-to-Any configuration.


Fully redundant
Our Cloud Link service is designed for full redundancy, with connectivity into the public cloud at two separate sites. This gives you peace of mind for your critical applications.

Control the performance 
A private connection means you get full bandwidth at all times and not rely on variability of internet. This ensures that the network does not restrict your application performance.

Flexible connection to suit your cloud
With connectivity to 40+ data centres in NZ, 2 data centres in Australia, you can easily connect to the data centres you need. 

Right sized always
It is easy and quick to add more, change the data centres or drop your connections as your cloud requirements change.

Private network connectivity between your office and data centre which means you have much higher security levels than using internet.

Cost effective
With lower charges on connections to your data centres, you are no longer restricted by low bandwidth connectivity.