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Ethernet Reach


Ethernet Reach is available throughout New Zealand, offering three service variants for connection between remote sites not passed by our fibre network.


One-stop provider
Save time and costs by dealing with just one service provider.  In addition, you get a simple and easy consolidated bill.

Flexibility in connecting customers
Align closely to your customer requirement with different configurations, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint.

Cost efficiency
Reduce costs by eliminating management of individual components such as customer tails, handovers etc and associated costs. There is only one handover for all services.

Easy and simple connectivity
Seamless connectivity delivered at your POP without the need to stitch the solution together. This allows you to scale easily without needing to re-design your network or customer connections.


Ethernet Reach Premium - Services delivered over Bitstream 4 or HSNS Premium equivalent.

Ethernet Reach Plus - Services delivered over Bitstream 2 or Bitstream 3 equivalent.

Ethernet Reach Lite - Services delivered over HSNS Lite equivalent.
Whatever you choose, you will get a high performing fibre connection and direct link to New Zealand's only MEF certified network.