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MetroEthernet Business


MetroEthernet Business is a cost-effective secure connectivity service for running applications such as voice, Internet and office-connectivity.  It is delivered over the same infrastructure as MetroEthernet Premium.


Burst your bandwidth
The Committed Information Rate enables you to run your clients' important applications such as voice with consistent performance. You can then use the rest of the Excess Information Rate bandwidth for the rest of the applications which are not so critical.

Additional CIR can be added in increments of 10 Mbit/s up to 100 Mbit/s.

Easy to use
We can deliver the service to your existing handover at your POP. No need for any additional infrastructure set up.


You can also customise your service with different options tailored to suit your business, such as bandwidth and service levels.


If you would like to know if MetroEthernet Business (MEB) is available for your customers, simply email contactus with the address, required bandwidth, termination point in the building and handoff, and we'll provide a quote within 2 business days.