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EduNet is a high-speed data network that provides unmetered access to educational resources for single or multi-site institutions. With its combination of on-net educational content and direct peering between EduNet-connected organisations you can share resources and collaborate without the meter running.

EduNet also provides high speed Internet access with uncapped usage, ensuring learning will never stop.

EduNet services allows Service Providers the opportunity to offer media rich content without fear of quality loss or reduced download speed through either EduNet Transport or Peering.


Unlimited learning
Flat-rate access to the Internet and educational content ensures learning programmes can be managed to suit you and your students, without the fear of budget blow-outs.

Ultra high-speed
EduNet offers unmetered access to rich content, educational services and the internet* at up to 1 Gbit/s.

All EduNet learning establishments are directly connected to one another for seamless collaboration and sharing of knowledge and other learning resources at no extra cost.

One stop provider
Save time and costs by dealing with one national service provider with a proven record of managing the complexity of national infrastructure and networks.

ICT savings
Education organisations can control their ICT spend with flat-rate charging, and have the option to effectively outsource ICT services to the Cloud for further savings.

Many private education providers have multiple locations; linking these sites together with an IP-VPN solution enables potential cost savings by reducing communication costs and enabling cloud applications.

*excludes Internet services on Spark or Vodafone network


For more information on the EduNet services, please refer to the information and links below:

EduNet Access & InterNet connects schools to the Internet via VectorFibre MetroEthernet service or UFB and provides unmetered access to Internet based educational resources.

EduNet Peering allows service providers to directly connect their educational content into our network. This means EduNet users don’t have to go out over the public Internet to access their content and can access it at high speeds and quality.

EduNet Transport can be used to provide additional education network services including Internet and cloud storage, hosted applications and VoIP.