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FibreConnect provides dark fibre connectivity between sites and is provided without information signal processing, fibre optic transmission equipment, termination equipment, protocol definitions, operational management or network services.
It provides you with security and the freedom to scale and choose the protocols and services platforms that can be deployed over it. This allows you go design and manage your own network using our fibre.


This end-to-end service is provided to you without the need to design multiple components within our network, thus reducing costs and complex deployment and maintenance.

Tailored solution
Whether you need a simple point-to-point connection, a meshed or ring topology or a combination of these, FibreConnect offers a variety of configurations to suit your requirements.

Total control and scalability
Bandwidth scalability and use is completely up to you.

This end-to-end service is exclusive to you and not shared with any other customer, thereby ensuring security of your data.


We have Enhanced and Standard Service Levels for FibreConnect.