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Telehousing provides a secure, managed and fibre-connected environment to locate your telecommunications equipment.

Our Telehousing facilities are designed with high standards of security, power, atmospheric control and connectivity. The service include options for supply of full or partial cabinets by us or footprint space for customer supplied racks.

Our facilities have dual fibre access to provide you high availability connectivity from your hosted environment. All our Telehousing facilities have integrated fibre backhaul data service access. Together with Vector data services, you can operate a communication network suited to run critical business platforms.

We can also meet additional specific requirements, subject to availability, to create the right environment required for your applications.


Fully managed facilities offering a target availability of power of 99.9% (higher if required).

Industry standard security for the premises and additional options of secure cages or enclosures to ensure you have the right level of security.

You can easily grow or modify your telehousing environment according to your needs without any capital investment.

Easy Connectivity
Fully integrated with our MetroEthernet connectivity products for easy connectivity from your infrastructure.