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Wireless Plus


Wireless Plus is a wireless connectivity service that can be installed quickly and at remote locations. It is portable, flexible and quick to set-up, and you can immediately have a secure resilient data connection throughout New Zealand where 3G/4G coverage is available. This can be used as a backup for your data connectivity or as a remote connectivity option. There is also a high availability option using dual carriers.


There are two network connections to ensure reliable performance.  Our core network is a full protected carrier class (MEF) certified optical network.

Encrypted security from remote devices.

One-stop provider 
Extended national coverage for all your connectivity needs, both wired and wireless.

Flexibility and speed
Quick to deploy to new sites where 3G coverage is available as no wired connection is required.

Cost and efficiency
Simply pay as you go, aligning your costs to your growth without having to make a significant investment in infrastructure, skills and time.