Our Services


Let us partner with you to bring your innovation or smart city technology programme to life.  

We have fibre network across Auckland meaning we can deliver solutions to existing infrastructure locations, new developments or projects, utility poles, buildings, bus shelters, and other non business access points, quickly while offering diversity and security from other providers’ networks. 


Smart Locations - We are hard at work to provide the ability to connect fibre services to street access such as Vector poles and substations, as well as other key locations. We know that this will be critical to many 5G roll-out programmes. We also want to support fibre connections to smart locations such as traffic lights, bus stops and CCTV with some new fibre access services so watch this space! 

Pre-fibred Buildings – This innovative solution deploys fibre ducting throughout a building allowing fast and simple service activation. Not only will this allow business tenants to connect quickly to our network, but the buildings themselves can easily support the small antennae required to support 5G.