Business Internet Packages


Our Business Internet Packages are created using our Internet core, designed specifically for businesses that demand high performance and reliability. The services can be delivered on either VectorFibre MetroEthernet or Ethernet Reach (UFB). What's provided is uncapped access to the Internet and deliver superior service to your customers by delivering one of the two market leading options.

These packages are targeted at small/medium enterprise businesses who are frustrated or restricted by their current, highly contented Internet services.


Wrap your own products and services around the packages to create your own unique solutions for your customers.

No need for you to manage or contend your own internet service – the Internet access and network management is done by us for your customers.

Get Internet connectivity delivered over a regular VectorFibre MetroEthernet or Ethernet Reach access with plug and play simplicity.

Low Investment
Start supplying Internet access to your customers without investing in hardware or increasing opex.

Fixed Cost
Low, flat rate monthly fee that makes budgeting simple for your customers.

Enjoy service availability of at least 99.7%.