Exchange Backhaul


VectorFibre’s Exchange Backhaul Service lets service providers connect to Chorus exchanges throughout the greater Auckland region, extending their core network using Chorus access products, such as UCLL.

Exchange Backhaul provides high-capacity committed bandwidth connections from Chorus exchanges directly to your Point(s) of Presence (POP). The service is delivered against a robust Service Level Agreement, assuring your end subscribers a quality service experience.

The bandwidth you buy is always fully allocated to your traffic. That means superior and highly predictable performance.


You can choose any bandwidth from 50 Mbit/s to 1000 Mbit/s, in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configuration.
Handover at the Chorus exchange is always via a 1 Gbit/s optical interface, so you can increase your bandwidth as your demand increases without additional equipment cost. At your POP, you can receive your traffic as either separate optical interfaces for each Chorus exchange handover (one EVC per handover), or on a standard Gigabit Ethernet Service Provider Port as a single multiplexed service.
Thanks to the flexibility of the VectorFibre network, you can also specify exactly what you need from our service. Large frame sizes, multiple VLANs and Q-in-Q VLAN tagging are all standard.


The standard service is delivered via a single fibre spur access into the Chorus exchange. A dual access option providing a physically separate route into the exchange provides an additional layer of service protection and improved availability, and is recommended for critical exchanges (subject to Chorus capability).