Australian Carrier Solutions

If you’re an Australian network operator and want to offer your New Zealand-based customers the same level of service you offer domestically, these solutions are designed with you in mind.

International carrier solutions

Building infrastructure to carry international data traffic in and out of New Zealand could involve multiple providers and infrastructure elements. We can help you reduce the complexity and build a scalable, cost-effective and robust network to support your business growth. Beyond that, we can build capability to:

  • connect your customers nationwide in New Zealand
  • connect between your POPs around the country
  • backhaul data from specialized sites such as telecommunication exchanges
  • host your equipment

Southern Cross Connectivity Solutions

We offer a range of backhaul connectivity through the Southern Cross Network cable landing stations. Depending on your network architecture, technology preference or capital investment and ability to manage, you can choose different types of connectivity:

National Connectivity Solutions

We own and operate our own nationwide data network, along with high-speed fibre networks in Auckland and Wellington. Together, these form the backbone of most of our data network solutions.

As well as our own networks, we have established relationships with Local Fibre Companies (LFCs) in each of the UFB (Ultra Fast Broadband) areas. UFB is the equivalent of Australia's NBN (National Broadband Network). This means that we can connect your customer anywhere in New Zealand and hand over the traffic at your POP to carry it to international destinations.

We also offer technical support capabilities covering installation, testing and decommissioning, providing you with a one-stop solution for all your connectivity needs in New Zealand.